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I had my Britten-Pears Festival audition today and it went SO well!  So much better than Tanglewood.  I'm really happy.  The audition pannel even said I did an amazing job and asked me some questions about my work in contemporary music when I was done.  Guys, they NEVER do that!  I'd say there's a good chance I'll be heading to the UK in May!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  (Unfortunately I won't hear back from them until March.  They do an international audition tour, so they have three more months of auditions to hear before they send out decisions.)

Tomorrow I head down to Baltimore and begin final rehearsals and performances for Ophelia Forever.  I can't wait!!!

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Good job on the Britten-Pears audition! I, too, hope that you'll be going to the UK in May. If you do end up going, how long will you be in the UK for?

I hope that you have a fun and productive time in Baltimore!

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It depends on which program I'm accepted to, if I'm accepted. If I'm accepted to the "New Music, New Media" program, which I think is more likely, I will be there in Aldeburgh for two weeks, and then after that I'll probably go around the UK, see London of course, visit my cousin, who is doing astro physics research at Cambridge University, and then go to see where my family is from in the Norfolk/Norwhich region. I also wouldn't mind seeing Ireland while I'm there. So I may stay there for a month of more, we'll see. As long as I'm across the pond, I may as well check it out, right? If I get accepted into one of the opera productions, which is probably less likely, I will be there for over a month in rehearsals, and then I will be there in the fall, not the summer, and I will probably have to come back as soon as I'm finished because I have a production here in the states going up in November and December. But oh man....ENGLAND!!!

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Congratulations! <3 <3 <3
You are so awesome.

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haha thanks, but don't congratulate me yet, still got to wait a few more months before I get a letter from them. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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you know, until i read that entry, i really thought your subject line was some bizarre thing about britney spears. ugggh, pop culture.

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oh man, when I told L I was auditioning for Britten Pears, he was like, "Your auditioning for Britney Spears?" Haha, yep. Its everywhere.

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AWESOME!!!!! That's so great!

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Thanks, keep your fingers crossed for me :)

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Well, if you get in, drop by This Town and say hi :)

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Can I add you? I'm studying opera in Washington State and am glad to FINALLY find someone who knows what they're talking about (we're both in the opera group)

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Sure thing, I'll add you back!