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unbound_spirit ([personal profile] unbound_spirit) wrote2008-02-07 07:50 pm

My Life in Bullets

-Next week I'm going to an info session about the Columbia University post-bac, pre-med program.

-Later that night, I'm going to the Bang on a Can Peoples' Commission concert at Merkin Hall.  Hopefully some new music will inspire me out of my present lack of enthusiasm for my chosen career.

-Next week I'm also going down to Princeton to record some arias for a competition.  I hate the arias.  I think music like this has no artistic value other than as an exercise in egotism for the singer.  I usually don't do competitions because people who sing crap like this are usually the people who win.  Doing music I don't believe in is draining. 

-I start Russian lessons soon. 

-Last night I met some cool kids from Juilliard (some who graduated, some who go there, some who teach there) who are in charge of a concert series that sounds pretty cool.  They checked out my website and emailed me today and were like, "Yeah, come work with us."  That's cool I guess.  They seem to do a lot of new music and contemporary stuff on the series.  And one of them has a brother doing immunology research at Hopkins.  And his wife is a mathematician.  He thinks I should meet them both.  Maybe if I find enough people like that, I can get them all together and we can develope a whole new field of research.

-I'm finalizing plans to visit my uncle and aunt and watch how research goes down at Yale. 

-I've been invited down to Miami for something music-related but I'm not sure if the invitation may have come because of something non-music related.  I'm leery and pessimistic. 

-My insecurities are strangling me.  In music, love, and everything else.  I have lost my ability to trust anyone with my heart. 

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