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In honor of Markusha's birthday, where ever he may be, a random and humorous skill set evaluation.

Type your cut contents here.

-Extensive training in French, training in German, training in Italian, training in Korean. 
-Worked as University tutor in French, German, and English as a Second Language for Korean students
-Helped in audio creation for French Praxis Exam for ETS.
-Used Korean skills during internship with NJSO in 2004 to communicate with producers and sales to the Korean community.   I also stopped some creepy guy from stalking Sumi Jo and stealing a bunch of money from NJSO. 
-Created language based on English, Cyrillic symbols, and Arabic numerals.  Only like two people other than me can read it.

I'm also interested in learning Russian next. 


-Was a member of the team that won the National Engineering and Design Competition something like ten years in a row.
-Won 2nd place in the bridge design contest for that team.  (Designs were evaluated at Picatinny where a simulation machine was used to basically smash them to bits to see the point at which they would collapse.)
-Academic Decathlon Gold Medalist for Music, Silver Medalist for Neuroscience
-NFAA Merit Award recipient
-recipient of several university scholarships and grants.


-After hanging out with so many people from Russia, I have developed the ability to immitate a Russian accent so well, I have managed to fool many Russians.  The jig is always up when they start speaking Russian to me, though, ha.
-I can also do British, Irish, and several others. 

Random training and research:

-Astro Physics
-Medicine and medical anthropology
-Otolaryngology in relation to thyroid disease

Not so random training:

-Vocal performance and composition  A.B. and M.M. from Ivy League schools
-international opera experience
-extensive training in classical voice, contemporary music performance, musicology, music theory, etc.
-Recipient of numerous awards and grants
-Tutor for university in music theory, music history
-experience as voice teacher for students of various ages and backgrounds


-Strong writing and reasoning abilities.  Published essays.
-Experience in administration, software research, and funding research


-Able to perform well under pressure
-Restless being in any one place too long
-Tendency towards depression
-Dedicated to succeeding at any given task

And yet my degrees (Bachelor and Master)  are in music.  Seriously, what should I do with my LIFE?

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